Client — Extrapolation Factory

Tasks — Art Direction, Information Design, Editorial Design, Print Production and Distribution.

Available at — McNally Jackson & Amazon

The Extrapolation Factory is an imagination-based studio for design-led futures studies, founded by Chris Woebken and Elliott P. Montgomery. The studio develops experimental methods for collaboratively prototyping, experiencing and impacting future scenarios. Central to these methods is the creation of hypothetical future props and their deployment in familiar contexts such as 99¢ stores, science museums, vending machines and city sidewalks. With this work, the studio is exploring the value of rapidly imagined, prototyped, deployed and evaluated visions of possible futures on an extended time scale.

For a greater insight into their thought process, please see the following video by the Lincoln Motor Company

The book is a showcase of The Extrapolation Factory's work. The design took cues from past instructional manuals as the intent of the book was to act as a guide on how to reinvent futures. The internal graphics and consistent colour palette further encouraged the instructional purpose of the book.